LGBT terminology in Slavic languages

August 13, 2021 Dina Stankovic Season 6 Episode 21
LGBT terminology in Slavic languages
Show Notes

A new episode is finally here! Here, I explain the terminology used in Slavic languages in order to describe a gay person. This is a very sensitive topic and it´s not meant to offend anyone. I would also like to state that I won´t tolerate homophobic comments. Thank you!

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1. Trovesi, Andrea. "Warm, Blue and Bulgarian: The Development and Diffusion of Three Expressions to Denote a “Male Homosexual” in Central and Eastern European Languages." Go East!: 121.

2. Dyszak, A. S. "WHAT ARE THE NAMES OF HOMOSEXUAL WOMEN AND HOMOSEXUAL MEN IN CONTEMPORARY POLISH?." International scientific journal (2016): 65.

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